Prayer Week B August 22 – August 28

Pastor Don & Michelle Hall

A Kid’s Place  (Waiting List)


Andy & Christina Baker

Mary Burroughs

Bryan & Carri Hilson

Travis & Tori Keziah  

Dan & Barbara Orr

Gregg Orr      

Bobbie Upchurch 

     Upcoming EVENTS at Immanuel's Church

August 30, Monday                             National Back to Church Mailing                                                                                preparation


September 4, Sunday                          A & B Bash -  9AM sharp!!! Be an honor      and blessing to those who have a            birthday or anniversary!


September 5                                       Labor Day


September 10, Saturday                      Benefit Dinner – Honor our Pastor’s wife        Michelle in her battle with the                  enemy


September 16-17, Fri and Sat             National Back to Church – Stop Light                                      distribution


September 18                                     National Back to Church Sunday


September 20                                     New Members and Inquiring Minds Class

                                                                  Informational meeting



Thursday Night Bible Study 7PM Every Week

September - Birthdays 

September Birthdays

September 11    Dan Orr

September 12    Ivey Durr

September 13    Barbara Orr

September17    Bob Saathoff

September 17    Karen Johnston

September 18    Ronnie James

September 25    Dillon Hall

September 27    Tripp Hall

September 29    Gregg Orr



September Anniversaries

September Anniversaries                                                           

September 21    Andy & Christina Baker

September 25    Pastor Don & Michelle

PD One Liner File:


We have ten failures to every success.

So we toss the failures and keep the successes.