Meet The Pastor

Pastor James Donald Hall, Jr.

It seemed inevitable that Pastor Don would become a speaker of the Word, teaching and preaching the Gospel. Born to Rev. Jim & Barbara Hall, he attended church services on the first Sunday of his life and has been found there ever since.

Pastor Don was known and recognized throughout his school years for his singing, athletic ability, and carrying a Bible in his back pocket. Those years prepared him for a career in ministry that began as a traveling singer and evangelist.  During those seven years, he recorded two albums which are still available for purchase on a single CD.


That season of his life laid even more groundwork for his calling into being a pastor full-time, which he has done for 25 years. A strong teacher who always looks to God's Word for the last word in every situation, Pastor Don opens hearts with messages that challenge both the new and seasoned believer to greater depths in their faith.


Pastor Don believes passionately in a ministry that shows the love of Christ to people through people. He has unceasing energy and perseverance for expanding God's kingdom on earth, whether from the pulpit or across the dinner table.


Pastor Don's wife, Bobbie, is the church's day care director. In his spare time, Pastor Don enjoys working in his yard, movies, and the companionship of his dog, "Blue," a pit bull mix who listens when he speaks and brings that extra joy well-loved animals provide.


Known for his one liners and quotes, his favorite quote is from Saint Augustine; “There can only be two basic loves, the love of God unto the forgetfulness of self, or the love of self to the forgetfulness of God.”

Church History

History coming soon!!